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FAQs about Do It Yourself Carpet cleaning

12/10/2013 Back To Blog

Question:  I heard that rental carpet cleaning machines could damage your carpet. Is this true?

Answer:  Today’s carpet cleaning equipment is safe for any carpet that can be cleaned by professionals. Rental equipment works on the same principle as professional equipment, it’s just a bit easier to use. It has been specifically designed with the average consumer in mind. As long as the machine is in good working order, and the instructions are heeded, there is no reason not to use rental machines to clean your flooring.FAQs about Do It Yourself Carpet cleaning

Question:  Are the cleaning solutions for sale near the rental machines?

Answer:  Nearly every rental location has a display with the machines and all appropriate cleaning tools and solutions readily available. These cleanser products may include stain removers, pre-treatment mixtures, and other products that will ensure the cleanliness of your floor covering. They come in various sizes, depending on the size of your job. Most rental companies prefer that the consumer use products that were formulated for those specific machines.

Question:  Can I use my own cleaning solutions in the rental machine?

Answer:  Some rental machine providers will not guarantee the cleaning capabilities of their machines if you use your own cleanser. Their products are specifically designed to work with their machines. For instance, some of the machines work more efficiently if there are few suds produced by the cleanser. So they formulate their cleaning product that way. If you use your own solution, you could damage the rental machine. There are sometimes monetary consequences if you use your own product.

Question:  Is it hard to use the cleaning equipment on carpeting?

Answer:  There is a bit of physical labor involved, mostly in lifting containers full of clean and/or dirty water. Pushing the cleaning head back and forth can take a toll on arm muscles. But, most normally fit people won’t have a problem with the machines. And the result is nicely clean carpet.

Question:  Is do-it-yourself cleaning as effective as professional cleaning?

Answer:  It can depend on how much energy you expend. If you are willing to pre-treat stains and follow directions accurately, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between do-it-yourself and professional. If, however, you have let the carpet go too long between cleanings, it may be difficult to get it as clean as you like. Those are the times you might want to consider contacting in the experts in Carpet Cleaning Malibu. They are qualified to clean the dirtiest carpet to most people’s satisfaction.

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