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Dry Carpet Cleaning

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Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners are a little overwhelmed by the variety of carpet cleaning methods which are available. A number already have experience of traditional residential carpet cleaning techniques which use water, but many are unaware of the benefits which dry methods offer. Carpet cleaning Malibu are frequently asked about the benefits of dry cleaning, and we're happy to supply the answer.Dry Carpet Cleaning


Dry cleaning doesn’t require time for the flooring to dry. Wet methods can use a great deal of water which can require up to a day to fully dry. Dry cleaning methods use a cleaning compound which can be made from bio degradable products, to apply to the flooring. This absorbs any particles of dirt and debris and then can be vacuumed up. The carpet is then safe to use.

This can prove to be especially convenient if you require your flooring to be cleaned for a special occasion, as it can be done just before the event without risk of dampness. Many businesses prefer dry cleaning methods as they can continue to operate with minimal disruption.

Minimizes Additional Damage:

Using water to clean your flooring can increase the risk of a mold or mildew problem developing. If the carpet takes an excessive time to dry, bacteria can develop which can lead to unpleasant smells. This can then increase the need for odor removal treatments.

Delicate floor coverings such as silk or wool rugs may also be damaged by wet cleaning methods. These types of flooring should be carefully assessed before exposing them to water. However, many dry compounds are safe to use on even delicate materials.

Dry cleaning methods have a great many benefits, so if you are considering cleaning the flooring of your home, it is well worth researching your options. This will allow you the opportunity to choose the method best suited to the needs of your home.

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