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If the carpet's backing shows when you bend it, does this imply low quality?

If the carpet's backing shows when you bend it, it does not indicate that it is made from low-quality materials. Carpet Cleaning Malibu technicians stress that every material should be made with spaces between the fiber ends. This case has an exception of woven rugs, where spaces are insignificant. To compare the thickness or density of different materials, try to place your fingers in the pile, but do this on a flat surface. Thicker and denser fibers made from yarn are known to be better performers as compared to other variants.

I have an allergy caused by dust. How should I remove them from carpets?

Carpet cleaning experts suggest that one effective treatment of removing allergens, primarily from mold and mildew, is to apply a solution of tannic acid (found in health food stores) and spray freely over your carpet. Afterwards, vacuum the area after at least three hours. If you can't find such solution, you can make one by dipping a tea bag to a gallon of water and spray the solution onto the fabric. However, if the accumulation of dust is severe, a professional mold removal procedure is needed.

How long does a carpet cleaning job take?

Typically, for a job that involves two medium size rooms with wall to wall carpeting, around an hour would be needed. This is assuming that the carpet cleaner has complete equipment and is efficient enough. Our experts in Malibu say that lengthy cleaning durations are usually attributable to incompetence or the lack of knowhow on the best carpet cleaning practices.

How do I remove wrinkles off of my carpet?

It is in fact quite common for your carpet to wrinkle over time. They are often not that problematic, but if you want these wrinkles removed, you can ask our carpet experts in Malibu to help you with it.

What is the best way to maintain my carpet?

The best and easiest way to maintain a carpet at home is to keep it clean and dry. Regular vacuuming should help remove lose dust and debris. Also, do your best to avoid spilling any liquid on your carpet. Food and crumbs should not be allowed to fall on the carpet as well.

Can mold grow due to the dampness after a carpet cleaning session?

While it is true that mold can grow in moist environments, the carpet is very clean after a washing session. Molds grow when there is dirt or bacteria with the warm and moist environment. However, after a carpet cleaning session, it is something you should not worry about.

How should I clean my antique Persian rug?

These items are usually made using traditional looms or by hand. This means that you should get the most thorough information possible on their maintenance from the seller. Make sure that you write down everything as you will most certainly not get a manual. In general, these rugs are very delicate and require very gentle cleaning. The use of hot water should be avoided.

Are air purifiers effective for mold removal?

They can filter mold spores found in the air. However, they cannot stop or remove growth on surfaces inside the house. That is why it is best if they are set into place after mold has been dealt with to achieve the best possible end result.


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