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House Cleaning Services

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From carpet stain removal to steam cleaning sofas and tiles – our local Malibu house cleaners do it all.

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Eliminate all dust, dirt, and contaminants from your home with our specialized cleaning services for Malibu area houses. We help customers get rid of all variety of stains and dirt, ensuring their hospitable and sanitized indoor areas and clean, fresh air. Whether it’s a matter of getting rid of mold, decontaminating floor tiles, or steam cleaning sofas, we’re your local go-to service.

Carpet Steam Cleaning & Sanitization

You track dirt inside your home which inevitably ends up on your floor covers. From simple mud to all sorts of other contaminants that inhabit the outside world. If you have a pet, like a dog or a cat, they can also inadvertently introduce various dirt and contaminants to your residence. To eliminate those threats and reduce the risk of contagion, carpet decontamination and deep cleaning will do the trick. We service Malibu area residences with effective steam cleaning and other methods of decontamination for carpets, area rugs, and even tiles.  Whenever you need help with cleaning a nearby house or apartment, let us know.

Stain Removal – Malibu Furniture, Carpets & More

So you’ve got some dried dirt or you spilled something colorful and oily on your sofa. Don’t worry. While some substances like oil and red wine stains on couches can prove difficult to remove, it’s entirely doable. Our professional furniture cleaning service specialists near Malibu apply non-harmful, eco-friendly sofa cleaning solutions to resolve such problems.  We exercise meticulous care to not damage the fibers of the sofas, couches, comforter chairs, or any other furniture you need cleaning.  The same goes for our carpet stain removal services, as well as tile washing and grout scrubbing. You can leave any rug or furniture stain removal efforts to our local professionals. Fast results, cheap service rates.

Sofa Steam Cleaning

When you’ve got stains or residues of dirt on couches or sofas made from sensitive material, you’ll want to take a more careful approach. Our sofa steam cleaning services allow us to dissolve stains without harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning furniture is a great way to remove stains and dirt by essentially melting and absorbing them. The steam doesn’t damage the furniture, but breaks down the structure of the stains, making them easier to remove. When you want the best steam cleaning for furniture in Malibu or nearby, our professionals are the team to call.

Tile Washing & Cleaning

Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, tiles and grouts accumulate dirt and grime over the years. To bring them back to their sanity and clean state, you need to have them properly cleaned down and washed. Neglected tiles can become a hotbed for various bacteria, so it’s important to decontaminate them in certain cases, especially for Malibu kitchens and bathroom cleaning efforts. Dirty tiles have a very unsightly appearance. The negative aesthetic value they give your residence is something people often realize only once the tiles have been cleaned. With our help, you can have your tile back to their original color, with the dirt and grime all washed away. Get in touch with us for any house cleaning services you need 7-days a week. 


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